YEG Qi Festival

YEG-Qi 氣Festival

A Weekend of Chinese Culture, Arts and Music

The YEG-Qi 氣Festival consists of a series of seminars, workshops and exhibitions on Chinese culture, arts and music during a weekend in the Asian Heritage Month in 24, 25, 26 of May 2024.  Workshops and seminars will cover arts, music, traditions such as Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinatown History (in Edmonton and across Canada), Tea Culture, Beijing Opera, Chinese Medicine – Herbal Soup and Acupressure, Lion Dance, Erhu and Yangqin, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and so on.  Workshop leaders and instructors will be teachers, professors, community leaders, artists and experts in specific subject matter. Through exhibitions, seminars and workshops, the participants will be able to expose to the a portion of the Chinese culture. They will participate in hands-on experiences and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese arts, music, history, and culture. 

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May 24, 25 - Telus Centre, University of Alberta, 111 Street and 87 Avenue

May 26 - Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre, 9540 - 102 Ave NW

Opening Ceremony – May 24, Friday, 5-7 pm

Telus Centre, University of Alberta

An evening of Chinese Culture / Arts / Music / Performance / touring of the UofA Museum Dragon Exhibit. Chinese Tea, bubble tea and refreshment (finger food) will be served

May 25, Saturday 9-5 pm

Telus Centre, University of Alberta

Room 1 Workshops *

10-12 am – Dragons in Chinese Civilization and Echo of Thunder (Professor Daniel Fried, UofA East Asian Studies, in conjunction with curator of the Dragon Display at the UofA Museum)**

1-3 pm – Chinese Calligraphy - The First Art of China (Stephen Tsang, FROM YOUR HEART Studio)**

3-5 pm – Chinese Painting - An artistic moment (Yang Hui, Artist)

Room 2 Workshops *

10 am-12 pm – Qigong, Taichi Stick and Fan – Health and wellness through movement (Ken Chui, Wellness Sports Society)

1-3 pm – Chinese Tea Culture - A Cup of Tea in Shaping Narratives and Bridging Cultures (Summer Junhong Ma and Hui Yang)**

3-5 pm – Acupressure, Herbal Medicine & Food Therapy - Chinese Medicine for Self-Care (Brenda Le, Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Dietitian)**

May 26, Sunday 9-5 pm

Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre

Room 1 Workshops *

10-12 am – Tales and History of the Edmonton Chinese Community (Sue Mah, Mah Society of Edmonton/ Wei Wong, Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association)

1-3 pm – The Fascinated World of Beijing Opera (Peggy Yu, Edmonton Beijing Opera Association)

3-5 pm – Erhu, Yangqin and Zhongraun – Traditional Music Notes (Huisun Lau, Chris Leung and Shawn Gan (Edmonton Chinese Phiharmonica Association)**

Room 2 Workshops *

10 am-12 pm – Chinese Drumming and Qilin - Awaken the Chinese Unicorn (Carly Chiew, Kejia Athletic Club)

1-3 pm – Taichi – Health, Wellness & Balance (Sifu Ben Ma, Shang De Taichi Mantis Martial Arts Association)**

3-5 pm – Lion Dance – Bring in the Good Luck (Ryan Loo, Edmonton Hung Mon Athletic Club)

*The last 30 minutes of all workshops will be devoted to guide tours to one or more of the following exhibits.** These workshops recommended age are 15 and older.


1. Echo of Thunder (An Exhibition of Chinese Dragons) - UofA Museum, Telus Centre, 111 Street and 87 Avenue, UofA

2. Journey of the Horse (An Historical trip with the Edmonton Chinese Community) - Mah Society of Edmonton, 9643 – 101 Ave, Edmonton

3. A Meditation of Calligraphy and Chinese Painting, May 25 at Telus Centre, May 26 at Chinatown Multicultural Centre

All exhibits are free to visit during the Opening ceremony and the Workshop hours:

Friday May 24, 5pm - 7 pm

Saturday May 25, 10am - 5pm

Sunday May 26, 10am - 5pm