Our past

Since the Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta's formation in 1974 by a group of professionals, university, and college graduates, the CGAA has played an important and constructive role in the development of the Chinese Community. CGAA has actively promoted social participation, community involvement, and multiculturalism. We work closely with other organizations and different levels of government to bring these ideals to reality.

CGAA celebrated its 25th Anniversary with the community in a fundraising event for the United Way. This event raised money for children's programs, and was sponsored by CGAA, the Edmonton Chinese Community Centre, HSBC Bank Canada, and the Kong Har Athletic Club.

Our present

CGAA is actively involved in community work to enrich the quality of life in Edmonton. We contribute funds, talent, and time to several community events each year, and we host the Chinese Pavilion at the annual Edmonton Heritage Festival. We provide an environment for hundreds of youth to develop their leadership and teamwork skills through serving the community. And we work with community organizers on new initiatives to enhance inclusion, activate youth, and strengthen our city.

Our future

The Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta has grown over the years and demonstrated its ability to contribute to the Chinese community and to the broader society. Our achievements and accomplishments are significant and numerous. As we are in the 21st century, we hear all around us that we are on the threshold of exciting new events and changes. Now, more than ever, our Association has a vital and necessary role to play.

We will continue to be proactive and progressive, on the lookout for what needs to be done. We will continue to push for new programs and change, if that change will benefit society. We welcome you to join the Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta, to make a contribution to a better community.