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Projects: Past
The CGAA has been involved in community projects since it's inception. The following is a quick look at projects that CGAA has championed in the past.

Before Chinese TV was commercially available, CGAA started the "Chinese Horizon" TV Program. This weekly one hour show was first aired on Edmonton's Cable 10 Channel in 1980, and featured community news, educational programs, and entertainment. "Chinese Horizon" reached thousands of viewers and helped bring the Chinese community together.

The Chinese Community Services Center was established in 1978 by CGAA, to assist new residents, and other people who need help. Supported by government grants and public donations, the Center provides counseling, translation, employment, and referral services. It also offers ESL, citizenship and Chinese language classes.

The Association championed Chinese language immersion education. Its
pioneering efforts resulted in the bilingual English-Mandarin education program currently offered in the Edmonton Public Schools. The program is now available in eight schools, from kindergarten to senior high.

Since 1978, the Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta continues to play an active role in Edmonton's annual Heritage Days Festival by sponsoring the Chinese Pavilion. During this lively and colorful festival, the Chinese culture comes to life with Chinese performances, arts and crafts demonstrations, and Chinese food.