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Projects: Current
The association is always interested in listening to new ideas on ways to help the community. The following projects are just a sample of projects the CGAA is currently actively involved in.

Something that the association is proud and honoured to do is award scholarships to the most deserving students in pre-specified programs. This year is no different. They are Matthew Breen for the CGAA Chinese Studies Scholarship, Cindy Yan for the CGAA Graduating Scholarship and Victor Ma for the CGAA Undergraduate Scholarship.

CGAA is investigating the feasibility of creating a computer drop-in centre for inner city youths. Volunteers would assist students in this after-school/weekend program to assist inner city youths to learn and enhance their computer skills. Computer knowledge and ability is a valuable asset that should be available to all youths.

A project that the association has recently undertaken is the providing computer literacy classes to the elderly. This project is intended to give elderly citizens an opportunity to learn basic computing skills. There is widespread interest for this program in the elderly community.

The association is also currently sponsoring a curling team in one of the recreation leagues at Balmoral Curling Club. The CGAA Fire and Rice team is in the middle of their season, coming close on many to winning their first league match. Everyone is welcome to come watch their games, which are in the events calendar. If there is enough interest, the CGAA may sponsor two teams next season.